Brice Marden

The Pavilions, Room 10

The five-panel painting Moss Sutra with the Seasons, 2010–2015brings together signature stylistic elements bookending Brice Marden’s (b. 1938, d. 2023) career: two monochromes with complex, layered palettes flank each side of a large central panel which features fluid, calligraphic gestures against a subtly oscillating ground. Each of these monochromatic panels is inspired by a season, beginning at the left with the yellow of springtime and ending on the right with the blue-black of winter. Other wide-ranging influences on the painting include the artist’s long-standing fascination with moss, a Chinese sutra that the artist came upon by chance, and the form and tone of medieval and Renaissance multipanel altarpieces. This piece was commissioned for Glenstone and is housed in a skylighted space designed in collaboration with the artist.

Exhibition Preview

    • Moss Sutra with the Seasons
      Brice Marden
      Moss Sutra with the Seasons, 2010-2015
      On View Marden 2010