Charles Ray
First Installation

October 2018—February 2020

Illuminating his mastery of materiality and representing the variety of media utilized by Charles Ray (b. 1953) over the course of his career, this group of works was selected and installed by the artist and included Baled Truck, 2014, Table, 1990, Fall ’91, 1992, and The New Beetle, 2006. With no detail of display considered too small, the artist describes that “Every stone, block, wall, floor, door, and window has been considered for the betterment of viewing art.” This installation was the first in a series of long-term, rotating exhibitions which showcase the depth of works by the artist in Glenstone’s collection.

Exhibition Preview

    • Baled Truck
      Charles Ray
      Baled Truck, 2014
      Ray 2014
    • The New Beetle
      Charles Ray
      The New Beetle, 2006
      Ray 2006
    • Fall ’91
      Charles Ray
      Fall ’91, 1992
      Ray 1992
    • Table
      Charles Ray
      Table, 1990
      Ray 1990