Doris Salcedo

Opening May 26, 2022
A shroud-like form hangs on a wall.

In Room 2 of the Pavilions, Glenstone will present a selection of sculptures by Doris Salcedo (Colombian, b. 1958), the first exhibition of her work in the Washington, D.C. area. Salcedo, who lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia, creates powerful and moving sculptures that reflect the myriad ways in which violence and oppression manifest in the modern world. She grounds her practice in research and firsthand interviews with survivors of political and domestic violence. By way of a time-intensive and laborious process, the forms her sculptures achieve are poetic and compassionate translations of the words and experiences of those who have suffered harm. This exhibition will feature a recently completed work commissioned by Glenstone, Disremembered X, 2020/2021, a sculpture in four parts which originated from interviews the artist conducted with American mothers who have lost children to gun violence.