Ellsworth Kelly

March 2019—November 2020

Best known for his contributions to American abstraction, Ellsworth Kelly (b. 1923, d. 2015) frequently revisited shapes and motifs he observed from his own lived experience throughout his decades-long career. This presentation of works featured the sculpture Untitled, 1996, and Spectrum IX, 2014, one of the last paintings completed before the artist’s death. Spectrum IX is composed of twelve joined monochromatic panels and marks the final work in a series of color progressions the artist first began while in France in the 1950s. At nearly 15 feet tall, Untitled is an example of Kelly’s obelisk-like sculptures he colloquially referred to as “totems.”

Exhibition Preview

    • Spectrum IX
      Ellsworth Kelly
      Spectrum IX, 2014
      Kelly 2014
    • Untitled
      Ellsworth Kelly
      Untitled, 1996
      Kelly 1996