Lygia Pape

October 2018—April 2019

Brazilian artist Lygia Pape’s (b. 1927, d. 2004) iconic sculpture Livro do Tempo I (Book of Time I), 1961, is composed of 365 unique geometric tiles, each representing an unassigned day in the calendar year. Each tile began as an identically sized slab of wood which Pape then cut, rearranged, reattached, and painted in primary colors. Although all elements of the sculpture are made of the same fundamental materials, each tile maintains its own sense of individuality. Unbound, the “book” was installed on a single wall in Room 9 of the Pavilions, echoing the effect of a mosaic. Upon closer examination, each of these handcrafted blocks reveals the intricate process of its making.

Exhibition Preview

    • Livro do Tempo I </i> (Book of Time I)
      Lygia Pape
      Livro do Tempo I (Book of Time I), 1961
      Pape 1961