The Emerging Professionals Program at Glenstone Museum: a distinctive entry-level job opportunity for those interested in a career in the arts and a position with purpose.

We envision Glenstone not only as a place, but a state of mind created by the energy of architecture, the power of art, and the restorative qualities of nature.

~Emily Wei Rales & Mitch Rales, Founders


This Spring, Glenstone Museum will select individuals with a demonstrated interest in the museum field to join the fifth class of our Emerging Professionals Program (EPP) and become part of our team of Guides. Applicants may be considering or may have completed graduate studies in the arts, and may be certain of their passion but uncertain of their path. This unique program with its breadth of learning opportunities and exposure to professionals in all areas of the Museum is a wonderful way to gain greater understanding of the many career possibilities. And unlike many first career opportunities in the arts which are short, unpaid internships or offer only a small stipend, this is a full-time, paid position with comprehensive benefits that can extend up to two years.

When you first lay eyes on Glenstone…you’re likely to wonder how a place so magical could have remained so under the radar…Glenstone is a museum, and an escape from it all.

~The Washington Post, October 3, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Emerging Professionals Program?
The Emerging Professionals Program is a full-time, paid position for people interested in working with visitors, starting their careers in museums, gaining insights into different career path options, and building their professional skillset, reputation, and network. Participants in the Emerging Professionals Program are Guides at Glenstone for four days each workweek. On the fifth day of the workweek, time is built into their schedules for ongoing learning and professional enrichment. The program is a one-year term position with the possibility to extend for a second year based on successful performance in the role and mutual interest.

How old is the program?
Glenstone launched the Emerging Professionals Program in 2017. We have adjusted the program over the past five years based on participant feedback and organizational needs. The program will continue to grow and change. It is still a new program and we are looking for participants who are flexible and willing to contribute to the improvement of the program.

What is my schedule as an EPP Guide?
EPP Guides work Wednesdays–Sundays. Guides work with visitors on the days that Glenstone is open to the public, Thursday–Sunday. Wednesdays are devoted to a number of different activities: ongoing training, administrative upkeep, all-staff meetings and staff development activities, and professional enrichment. In the second year of the program, EPs spend 3 days working with visitors as Guides and 2 days per week supporting other departments.

What are some examples of professional enrichment activities?

  • Learning about possible career paths by meeting with colleagues in other departments and from other organizations
  • Presentations by thought leaders in the museum, arts, and non-profit fields
  • Visiting other arts and cultural organizations to learn more about how they operate
  • Benchmarking visits to other museums
  • Research and presentation assignments
  • Workshops and trainings
  • Meetings with visiting artists

How do I know if this position is right for me?

  • If you are a “people person”
  • If the job posting aligns with your interests and experience
  • If you think you might want to work in a museum and want to learn more about what different museum jobs involve
  • If you want to gain paid experience working in a museum setting
  • If you love learning and talking about art, architecture, and the environment

I am certain that I want to be a curator and am not interested in learning more about other sorts of museums jobs. Should I apply to be an EPP Guide?
Perhaps. The Emerging Professionals Program was created to give people a closer look at many different career paths within the museum and art worlds. If you are certain that you want to take a specific path—to becoming a curator, for example—this might not be the right job for you. On the other hand, if you know that you love to work with people and want to work in an arts setting, this could be a good fit.

Will I have to wear a uniform?
Yes. All Guides wear a uniform provided by Glenstone.

I understand that the commitment is for one year and there is a chance to extend for a second year if there is mutual interest. What would a second year of EPP entail?
If you love the EPP position and Glenstone is pleased with your work after one year, we hope you will participate in a second year of EPP. You will continue to work as a Guide, for 3 days per week. The remainder of your time will be spent working with a different department at Glenstone. You may also choose to create an independent project to work on for six months during the second year, subject to approval. The second year of EPP is designed to give participants more hands-on experience working in different areas of the museum and pursuing projects that they design.

Is the EPP like a graduate school program? Like a fellowship? Like an internship?
No. The EPP is a full-time job.

All of this sounds great to me, but my degree is not in an arts field. Could I still qualify for the position?
Sure! As long as you are interested in learning a lot about art, motivated to be an excellent Guide at Glenstone, and enjoy engaging with people in a meaningful way, you should apply for EPP.

I am interested in getting my foot in the door at Glenstone but am not interested in guiding. Should I apply to EPP?
No. You should only apply to EPP if you want to work as an EPP Guide and can commit to at least one year in the role. If you want to work at Glenstone in a different capacity, please explore other open positions on the “careers” page of our website.

I have been working in museums for the past five to ten years. Am I a good fit for Glenstone’s EPP?
Probably not since EPP is an entry-level position. If you are interested in working at Glenstone, please look at our website for open positions that require more prior professional experience.

Once I complete my work as an EPP Guide, could there be opportunities to join the staff in a different role?
Yes. We are always looking to hire the best person for a role and we consider qualified internal candidates. Additionally, there are several one-year term positions in select departments that are open only to those who have successfully completed the Emerging Professionals Program.  

To apply to the Emerging Professionals Program, click here.