Accessible parking is available directly in front of the Arrival Hall in the Sycamore parking grove.

Complimentary wheelchairs and gallery chairs are available upon request.

There is a quarter-mile walk through the meadow between the parking groves and the Entry Pavilion. We offer cart service to bypass the meadow walk, which can be requested at the Arrival Hall. The cart brings visitors to the Gallery area, about a 4-minute walk to the Pavilions. The carts will have a barrier between the driver and visitors and will be cleaned in between uses.

Service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act are welcome. The ADA does not currently recognize emotional support animals. Therefore pets, emotional support animals, comfort animals, therapy animals, and all other animals not specifically covered in the American with Disabilities Act are not permitted.

Our paths are designed to be firm and stable with accessible grades. Trails cut through wooded areas, cover varying terrain, and are intended to be experienced on foot. We recommend visitors wear comfortable and durable footwear.

ASL interpretation services can be requested through Please note: ASL interpreters must be requested at least one week before you visit.

To request special accommodations, please contact us at