Virtual Engagements are offered on Thursdays and Fridays and are 45-60 minutes. One is offered every hour starting at 9 a.m.

To request a virtual engagement for a school program (from February 1 June 14, 2024) click here.

Glenstone offers three virtually guided programs led by our knowledgeable guides that use interactive exercises to encourage student engagement.

Virtual Engagement Options:

Drawing at Glenstone
This interactive presentation takes a close look at artwork on view at Glenstone and focuses on critical thinking through close-looking and note-taking through drawing.

Color Theory 101
This program is an introduction to color theory which demonstrates how to read colors in artwork and the environment. Students will learn how color can change the effect of an artwork as well as influence the viewer’s reaction to the work.

I Love My Leaf: Formalism and Mindfulness
Students will be introduced to the basics of formalism and the benefits of close-looking as a kind of mindfulness activity while slowing down to observe objects in nature.