Installed throughout the expansive grounds, the collection of outdoor sculpture seamlessly integrates art, architecture, and landscape.

    • Split-Rocker
      Jeff Koons
      Split-Rocker, 2000
      On ViewKoons2000
    • FOREST (for a thousand years…)
      Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller
      FOREST (for a thousand years…), 2012
      On ViewCardiff2012
    • “Untitled”
      Felix Gonzalez-Torres
      “Untitled”, 1992–1995
      On ViewGonzalez-Torres1992
    • Untitled
      Ellsworth Kelly
      Untitled, 2005
      On ViewKelly2005
    • Clay Houses (Boulder-Room-Holes)
      Andy Goldsworthy
      Clay Houses (Boulder-Room-Holes), 2007
      On ViewGoldsworthy2007
    • Sylvester
      Richard Serra
      Sylvester, 2001
      On ViewSerra2001
    • Contour 290
      Richard Serra
      Contour 290, 2004
      On ViewSerra2004
    • Smug
      Tony Smith
      Smug, 1973/2005
      On ViewSmith1973
    • Compression Line
      Michael Heizer
      Compression Line, 1968/2016
      On ViewHeizer1968
    • Two Partially Buried Sinks
      Robert Gober
      Two Partially Buried Sinks, 1986–1987
      On ViewGober1986