Glenstone is a place that seamlessly integrates art, architecture, and nature into a serene and contemplative environment.

Two concave marble disks full of water sit across the border of a stone patio and a lawn, with a pond and willow trees in the background.

Guided by the personal vision of its founders, Glenstone assembles post-World War II artworks of the highest quality that trace the greatest historical shifts in the way we experience and understand art of the 20th and 21st centuries. These works are presented in a series of refined indoor and outdoor spaces designed to facilitate meaningful encounters for our visitors.

Core Values

Art is essential to life

Meaningful encounters begin with direct engagement

We embrace diverse perspectives and inclusive practices

Honesty and intellectual integrity guide us

We think in the long term

Excellence, continuous improvement, and teamwork drive us

The Glenstone Experience

We envision Glenstone not only as a place, but a state of mind created by the energy of architecture, the power of art, and the restorative qualities of nature. At the core of the museum is a collection of post-World War II art, a very personal project driven by the pursuit of iconic works that have changed the way we think about the art of our time.

The name “Glenstone” derives from two local sources: Glen Road, where the property line begins, and a type of carderock stone indigenous to the area, which is still extracted from several nearby quarries. We hope that Glenstone will always be a destination for all who seek meaningful encounters with art, architecture, and nature—for many years to come.

Emily & Mitch Rales

Mitchell and Emily Rales smile in front of a grey background.

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