We collect iconic examples of modern and contemporary art that represent pivotal shifts in the perception and understanding of the art of our time.

The collection is on view at Glenstone and internationally through our active loan program. Nearly all Glenstone exhibitions are drawn exclusively from the collection.

    • Morning, Chapter 30
      R.H. Quaytman
      Morning, Chapter 30, 2016
      On View Quaytman 2016
    • Sketch for an American Comic Opera with 20th century Race Riots
      Kara Walker
      Sketch for an American Comic Opera with 20th century Race Riots, 2012
      On View Walker 2012
    • Madam I’m Adam
      William Wegman
      Madam I’m Adam, 1970
      Wegman 1970
    • Red Night
      Louise Bourgeois
      Red Night, 1946-1948
      Bourgeois 1946
    • Untitled
      Doris Salcedo
      Untitled, 1992
      Salcedo 1992
    • Untitled
      Wade Guyton
      Untitled, 2020-2021
      Guyton 2020
    • A day! Help! Help! Another day!
      Cecily Brown
      A day! Help! Help! Another day!, 2016
      On View Brown 2016
    • Untitled
      Doris Salcedo
      Untitled, 1998
      Salcedo 1998
    • Tree of Knowledge
      Hilma af Klint
      Tree of Knowledge, 1913-1915
      Klint 1913
    • A Reduction
      Kara Walker
      A Reduction, 2020
      On View Walker 2020
    • Jeff
      Charles Ray
      Jeff, 2020
      On Loan
      Whitney Biennial 2022: Quiet as It's Kept
      Whitney Museum of American Art
      New York, NY
      Ray 2020
    • Untitled
      Doris Salcedo
      Untitled, 1989 - 1990/2013