Rachel Harrison

July 2021—April 2023

Standing nearly eight feet tall, Sculpture with Boots, 2017, by Rachel Harrison (b. 1966), recalls the shape and scale of natural rock formations, realized with vibrant hues of paint oscillating from gridded patches to freeform gradations of iridescent color. Known for provocative juxtapositions that explore connections between art history, politics, and popular culture, Harrison affixed to the sculpture a framed photograph she took at the Pollock-Krasner House in East Hampton, New York, of worn, paint-splattered shoes identified as “Lee Krasner’s painting boots.” A tribute to one of the few prominent female artists associated with the Abstract Expressionism movement—who is known to have influenced her husband, Jackson Pollock—Harrison draws attention to Lee Krasner’s significance to the history of art, while alluding to her unwarranted absence in many historical narratives. Sculpture with Boots was on view in the Passage of the Pavilions.

Exhibition Preview

    • Sculpture with Boots
      Rachel Harrison
      Sculpture with Boots, 2017
      Harrison 2017