Rachel Harrison

July 2021—April 2023

Sculpture with Boots (2017) by Rachel Harrison (American, b. 1966) is a nearly eight-foot-tall, abstract form that recalls natural rock formations, but is painted with vibrant hues that segue from gridded patches to more free-form gradations of iridescent color. Known for combining “high” and “low” cultural references, Harrison affixed a framed photograph she took at the Pollock-Krasner House in Springs, New York, of worn, paint-splattered shoes identified as “Lee Krasner’s painting boots” to the sculpture. It may be read as a gesture of tribute to one of the few prominent female artists associated with the Abstract Expressionist movement, who is known to have closely influenced Pollock.

Exhibition Preview

    • Sculpture with Boots
      Rachel Harrison
      Sculpture with Boots, 2017
      Harrison 2017