Fear Eats the Soul

Opening September 26

Rirkrit Tiravanija’s (b. 1961) Fear Eats the Soul, 2011, blurs the boundaries between art and life, a key aspect of the artist’s practice that has led him at times to abandon the art object in favor of creating shared, immersive experiences. In the Gallery building, abandoned wall frames will be placed inside spaces they might previously have divided, in keeping with Tiravanija’s instinct to invert the expected function of an interior space. The presentation will offer a suite of interactive activities, including a soup kitchen serving recipes provided by the artist, a silk-screening T-shirt workshop, a facsimile of the artist’s first one-person gallery show in New York installed with ceramic sculptures, and the words FEAR EATS THE SOUL spray-painted by Tiravanija directly on a Gallery wall, in characters that will be obscured over time under layers of graffiti by local artists.

Exhibition Preview

    • Fear Eats the Soul
      Rirkrit Tiravanija
      Fear Eats the Soul, 2011
      Tiravanija 2011