Simone Leigh

In Room 9 of the Pavilions, Glenstone presents Village Series, 2021, a sculpture by Simone Leigh (American, b. 1967). Leigh has worked in sculpture, video, performance, and social practice, centering her work on Black femme subjectivity. Leigh’s practice is informed by her interest in African and African American art, as well as her background in philosophy, cultural studies, and Black feminist thought. Village Series stands over seven feet tall and demonstrates Leigh’s command of technically challenging materials, for which the artist has gained renown. Leigh renders the figure’s head, bare torso, and an intricate wreath of whorl-shaped elements encircling the face in hand-built ceramic, while the conical shape of its skirt is formed in a volume of raffia.

Exhibition Preview

    • Village Series
      Simone Leigh
      Village Series, 2021
      On View Leigh 2021