Tacita Dean

November 2020—October 2022

Three monumental chalkboard works by British artist Tacita Dean (b. 1965) will be displayed together for the first time in Room 1 of the Pavilions: Sunset, 2015; When first I raised the tempest, 2016; and The Montafon Letter, 2017. Affixed to the pre-cast concrete walls of the Pavilion, these large-scale, multi-panel chalk-on-blackboard drawings create a panoramic affect as visitors descend into the gallery space. This installation will mark the first presentation of works by the artist at Glenstone Museum.

Exhibition Preview

    • The Montafon Letter
      Tacita Dean
      The Montafon Letter, 2017
      Dean 2017
    • When first I raised the tempest
      Tacita Dean
      When first I raised the tempest, 2016
      Dean 2016
    • Sunset
      Tacita Dean
      Sunset, 2015
      Dean 2015