Vija Celmins

November 2021—June 2022

In the Gallery, Glenstone presents a selection of paintings, drawings, mezzotints, and sculptures by Vija Celmins (American, b. Latvia 1938) from the 1960s through the past decade. The exhibition marks the artist’s first solo presentation in the Washington, D.C., area since 1979. Celmins is acclaimed for her meticulous renderings of images of the natural world—the night sky, the ocean surface, and spiderwebs, among others—many of which were featured in To Fix the Image in Memory, a major retrospective of her work that traveled the United States and Canada from 2018-2019, installed at the Met Breuer, SFMOMA, and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Exhibition Preview

    • Vase
      Vija Celmins
      Vase, 2017-2018
      Celmins 2017
    • Reverse Night Sky #4
      Vija Celmins
      Reverse Night Sky #4, 2015-2017
      Celmins 2015
    • Blackboard Tableau #14
      Vija Celmins
      Blackboard Tableau #14, 2011-2015
      Celmins 2011
    • A Painting in Six Parts
      Vija Celmins
      A Painting in Six Parts, 1986-87/2012-16
      Celmins 1986
    • Pencil
      Vija Celmins
      Pencil, 1968
      Celmins 1968
    • Forest Fire
      Vija Celmins
      Forest Fire, 1965-1966
      Celmins 1965